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This page is intended to showcase my electronic projects.

The Analogue designs were sold under my company "Didactech" but did not achieve enough sales though they are working finished designs so they are here for you to use.
The digital projects are Microchip PIC 16F627/8 that are mainly for interfacing to Microsoft Flight Simulator. You are welcome to adapt them to your needs for non-commercial use

Sine Generator Sine Gen.M200

Signal Generator Sig. Gen.M500

PWM Model Train Controller

Toggle switch to key pulse Rotary Encoder Decoder

RS232 serial converter

Pulse triggered 555 H-Bridge

Credits & Links

17 Channel Logic Analyzer by Elmue
A digital oscilloscope with serial analyzer for the parallel port.

Digital Electro Soft Home of Real Pic Simulator the fastest pic simulator for pic microcontroller

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