Electronics for Leisure and Learning


An all-in-one unit providing Sine, Triangle or Square wave output through an Amplifier to drive a loud- speaker coil for demonstration of vibration and sound from low frequency across the full audiable band.

0.1Hz to 25kHz.

Input to the Amplifier is available from the front panel 4mm connectors. The switched selection to the amplifier has adjustable amplitude, and the unit is powered from two PP3 batteries or Mains adapter.

Typical applications are Wave Theory, Sound, Electronics and Transformer experiments.

Signal Generator.

Sig. Gen.

Range - Coarse

0.1 to 2.5 Hz - 2.5 to 50 Hz - 50 to 1000Hz - 1000Hz to 25kHz

Fine - Full adjustment across selected range.

Amplifier Output

Switched Sine, Triangle and Square Wave 3 volts A.C into 8 Ohms or D.C coupled input with gain of 20.

The amplifier output is a class AB low distortion stage. Amplitude 0 to 100%


Batteries (2 x PP3 Primary cells.) or d.c input upto 30 volts.


55.5H x 170W x 143D mm. at 400 grams.

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