PWM Model Train Controller

This is my version of Robert Penfold's Control-a-Train modifed from the Maplin Elektor Magazine of March 1985. It gives effective Inertia control over momentum and braking for Model Trains upto 1 Amp.
I have added a CMOS gate and output Relay to ensure direction reversing can only occur at stand-still and found that an Emitter follower to buffer the speed control potentiometer helped. A short-circuit detector and transistor latch replaces the standard regulator to use non-special parts and avoid the 2 volt drop-out loss. It appears that I have accidentally shown the series element as PNP when it clearly should be NPN. I have included a copy of the original parts list for guidance.

Sketch here: Schematic
Parts List here: Parts List
PCB here: PCB Overlay

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